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You are enough
Do It – Don’t Quit / Image Source Pinterest
Positive Thoughts, Positive Life  / Image Source Pinterest
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Work Hard, Dream Big / Image Source Preppy Wallpapers
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Do It – Don’t Quit / Image Source Pinterest
Life Is Now / Image Source Preppy Wallpapers
Hey, you. Don’t give up, okay?
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Old ways won’t open new doors. / Image Source Beauty Queen UK
If you don’t have failures, you’re not trying hard enough / Image Source Beauty Queen UK

Most Important Types of Motivation

  1. Fear Motivation: Fear motivates people to behave against their will. It is immediate and does the task swiftly. It is beneficial in the short term. Managers who subscribe to Theory x fall under this group. This type of incentive is quite prevalent in the Indian army.
  2. Incentive Motivation: This is when an individual or a group receives a monetary incentive for completing a task. It’s a “do this and you’ll get that” mentality. It is these types of incentives that encourage people to work a bit harder. When they are offered additional money, most unorganized job employees get motivated.
  3. Attitude Motivation: How individuals think and feel is referred to as attitude motivation. It’s about their self-assurance, trust in themselves, and outlook on life. It’s how people react to the past and how they feel about the future.
  4. Persistent Motivation:

It’s the desire to alter people’s minds and surroundings. People with high levels of motivation have a positive influence on their organizations and are prepared to take risks in order to do so. Ms. Mayawati, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, is a power-hungry politician.

  1. The ability to work professionally Motivation is defined as a person’s drive to achieve in something, which allows them to generate high-quality work. Competence-driven people strive for job mastery, like learning and using problem-solving skills, and seek to be inventive when confronted with obstacles. They gain experience through making errors. If specialists, such as heart surgeons, had the opportunity to operate on rare cases, they would be more motivated.
  2. Affiliation Motivation: This is a desire to connect with others on a social level. When people with affiliation motivation are congratulated on their positive attitudes and cooperation, they perform better at work. Where money cannot be used to encourage, such as minimum-wage employees and contingent professionals, this motivation is more effective.