about history part2

 that20:12powder20:13powerless20:14knee20:15oh yeah20:17elbow20:18[Music]20:23the commandos training in these black20:25arts earned them a reputation that was20:27not always popular i suppose it’s the20:30thickest stuff20:31the glamour and all that that appeals to20:33you oh my god you two keep still can’t20:36you well it makes me mad i’ve been20:38trying to drive into my mates thick head20:40but the commandos are not a lot… Continue reading about history part2

about history

exclusive documentaries and interviews00:07with the world’s best historians we’ve00:09got an exclusive offer available to fans00:12of timeline00:14if you go to history hit tv you can00:16either follow the information below this00:18video or just google history hit tv and00:21use the code timeline you get a special00:24introductory offer go and check it out00:26in the meantime00:27enjoy this video00:37june the 4th… Continue reading about history

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